Friday, April 27, 2012

Life and Lupus

Well, since I last sat down to write a blog I have been diagnosed with SLE Lupus!  It has greatly changed my life.  My disease is still very active with my brain being involved.  I have had a stroke and these things that I call episodes that are called aura seizures.  I have had to quit my two jobs and on most days I even find it hard to take care of my family.  May is Lupus awareness month so I want to do something to get the word out about my disease.  I will be posting more about Lupus and my life throughout the month of May, so stay tuned! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well, as you can see I have not written a blog in soooo long!  I have recently decided to start using this blog again because I have been up to alot of creating.  I am not doing digital scrapbooking as much anymore but still do that from time to time.  I have been painting, making jewelry, making some digital artwork for printing and even learning to sew.  I will be posting my "creations" here.  I have a few items that I will be starting to sell as well so stay tuned for more information about that.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Huge $1 Sale!

Hurry to the store and check out all the great deals! Dont miss out on the chance to get alot of stuff for really cheap prices! Also coming soon, Feb. 1st there will be a new free kit made with the beautiful colors of the sales add tag. You can receive this kit with any purchase from the store beginning Feb. 1st!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today is my Birthday

Well, today is my 30th Birthday! I got breakfast in bed from my wonderful husband! The kids woke me up singing Happy Birthday and I was served in bed! I have let myself play a little today while taking a momentary break from homeschooling and created a birthday tag for myself using a new kit that has not been uploaded to stores yet called Grungy Glitter Princess! I also got a layout done!!

I just love all the pretty grungy papers in this kit!

This was made using template #44 from Scrappin with Liz
and the kit is Happy Valentines from Gemini Creationz
click on her link to see where you can purchase this beautiful kit!

Okay enough playing for me! It is back to teaching the boys all the things they need to know to finish the 2nd grade and Kindergarten! Logan, my 7 year old asked me yesterday, "so since it is your Birthday tomorrow we are not doing school right"! Wouldn't that be nice, for the world to stop just because it is your birthday! I told him that no the world does not stop on your birthday and that we still must do school. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New chat place

I have made a new place for us digi scrappers to go and chat and share with each other. If no one else is there you can leave a message and if someone is there you can chat live! I hope you all will try it out and enjoy it.
Just click on the button to the right that says come and chat with me and Digi Scrap Hangout.

Thanks for stopping by hope to see you around!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have two awards!! Due to blog trains I am behind on posting my blog awards. I appreciate them so much and the feeling of community and friendship that I feel from all the digi scrap designers. I have made so many new friends and hope to make many more. I enjoy hearing from all of you digi scrapers that use my kits too! So thank you all very much for being a part of my world!

This award is from Vicki
I am her ct team (although I have
been slacking a bit due to holidays
and blog trains!) Sorry Hun
I promise I will make it up to you!

I will give this award to these friends


This award (leaves of friendship) is from a new friend terry
she sells at Scraphappiness with me!

This one I want to give to some new friends or people that I would like to be friends with.

Bits O Scrap
The Queen and the Princess
Pretty Scrappy

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holly Jolly Blog Train Choo Choo

It is finally time for the holly jolly blog train. There are close to 80 designers pretisipating in this one and all the kits can be mixed and matched to make some awesome Christmas layouts. Be sure to bookmark the main blog site so that if you can not get to all of the goodies today you can come back to them!

You can get my kit here

Stop 01 - BeaconScrap
Stop 02 - Carolyn Ritter
Stop 03 - Karrie Thomas of Kez Creates Designs
Stop 04 - Crafted by Gina
Stop 05 - DesignsByAmilyn
Stop 06 - Michelle Angeles
Stop 07 - Throwing Some Scraps Around
Stop 08 - Country Hollow Scraps
Stop 09 - ScrapinDaisy from Designs by Ruth
Stop 10 - Bits O’Scrap
Stop 11 - Wimpychompers Creations
Stop 12 - QueenBrat Designs
Stop 13 - Mumure
Stop 14 - Frosted Illusions
Stop 15 - Aussie Scraps
Stop 16 - HutchsBaby Faith in Christ Scraps
Stop 17 - MoveFearlessly Designs
Stop 18 - swordascrappin
Stop 19 - Kismet
Stop 20 - Missladyhawke
Stop 21 - The Queen and The Princess Designs
Stop 22 - Vanjo Designs
Stop 23 - Angi’s Place
Stop 24 - SotoCreations
Stop 25 - The Mathematician’s Assistant
Stop 26 - Crops2Dawn Creations
Stop 27 - S.G.Rowe Designs
Stop 28 - Amy’s Scraps
Stop 29 - jaydensmama
Stop 30 - Crystal’s Creations By Design
Stop 31 - Digital Creations by Amber
Stop 32 - Kitten Scraps
Stop 33 - Grandma Pat
Stop 34 - Grunge and Glitter Scraps
Stop 35 - JIC Creations
Stop 36 - Butterfly Kisses
Stop 37 - Babyyaks
Stop 38 - Simply Beautiful Creations
Stop 39 - Pretty Scrappy
Stop 40 - TammyJo’s Creations
Stop 41 - CMB Designs
Stop 42 - Christy Skaggs
Stop 43 - SnapScrapCreate
Stop 44 - Believe Designs
Stop 45 - Linda’s Dream Designs
Stop 46 - MIP Scraps
Stop 47 - Miss Erin’s Scraps
Stop 48 - WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations
Stop 49 - Digital Keepsakes
Stop 50 - Blind Sight Designs
Stop 51 - Dreamland Designs
Stop 52 - Hummie’s World
Stop 53 - Northern Lights Designs
Stop 54 - DesignZ by DeDe
Stop 55 - twisted angel
Stop 56 - Desert Bloom Designs
Stop 57 - Rachelz_Expressionz
Stop 58 - Creations By Jessa
Stop 59 - Bits’N'Bobs
Stop 60 - Amanda’s Scrappy Creations You are here!!!
Stop 61 - Heartfelt Perfections
Stop 62 - Candie
Stop 63 - Just For You DigiScraps
Stop 64 - Cuddlebeez Scraps
Stop 65 - Prairie Sage
Stop 66 - Creekside Cottage Designs
Stop 67 - PinkuPixie Digital Designs
Stop 68 - Mariscrap
Stop 69 - Marbled Circle
Stop 70 - Panda Bear Designs
Stop 71 - Kolor’Scapez!
Stop 72 - Stellarfairie designs
Stop 73 - Manda @ Disaster In Designs
Stop 74 - Danielle [DMK Designs]
Stop 75 - Katlen Kreations
Stop 76 - Babydoll’s Scrapz
Stop 77 - Angel Flower
Stop 78 - Designs by Teri
Stop 79 - SandEz Creationz
Stop 80 - Sistermoon Scraps

Be sure to go here and bookmark the page just in case you get lost or you have to come back on another day!