Monday, October 20, 2008

Store Sell

There is a scrap kit sell going on at Spoil Me Pink Scraps! You better go and check it out while you can. Only three days to get in on the sale. Dont forget to enter the coupon code at checkout. Have fun shopping!

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Tammy Jo said...

Hi ,
thanks for visiting my blog also :-) I hope the coffee was nice and hot while you were there. - I always have a fresh pot on. - must have coffee.
You know, I was reading about your spasming issue and wondering if you've been checked for colitis ? I have that same heartburn issue and have had colitis for so many years- , after many trials and errors of medications- I found what helped - doesn't get rid of it completely but helps a lot. Doc put me on lomotil - , and metamucil but I cant stand metamucil any more- it makes me gag thinking about it ..- my new doctor gives me miralax and it is the best- no taste and works great ... I put it in my coffee and don't need to do it daily, just as needed. Maybe some of what I have mentioned may help you or maybe you've already been there done that ?
Im keeping you tucked in my prayers.
Hope you feel better soon !
Hugs, TammyJo